Phone on Fire Newsletter, Issue 2
Thursday, November 09th, 2006 | Author: lisaksimone


Welcome to the second installment of my book odyssey! We’re still a good 5 and a half months away from availability, and already we have some publicity! (I say “we” like there are more authors, but truly, this effort would not have been possible without several of you out there, so I’ll keep the “we.” Feels like the most appropriate pronoun.)

We’ve got news…..Drum roll…..

We’re on!

Check it out! It is SO early in the production process that we don’t even have the cover art done, so this is an incomplete entry. But you can sign up for email alerts when it becomes available!

[Ed: Saved version of Original book page from Amazon in 2006- pre book release!]

It’s funny how Amazon is only a few years old in the grand scheme of things, but seeing my book listed on Amazon became one of those milestones I really wanted to achieve…I mean, EVERYONE shops at Amazon, right? Is that more desirable than going into a brick-and-mortar book store and seeing it on the shelf? In a way, I think it is because the Internet represents instant availability. So cool! (Forgive me behaving like a kid at Christmas - I am just so tickled by the whole process! Those of you out there with a book or five under your belt, just go ahead chuckle at my newbie enthusiasm behind your jaded keyboards!)

Now, I had planned to create a website for the book, and I had assumed I had a few more months before I needed to do anything, but seeing the entry on Amazon during a leisurely Sunday morning surf lit a fire under my butt to get it going, so here it is:

Original Website: If I Only Changed the Software, Why is the Phone on Fire? website here.

[Ed note: This is the first website which is pretty static, but all this info is now on this Blog for commenting, updates, etc.: Real Life Debugged Blog]

I am trying to get it linked everywhere, so do me a favor and click on the link a few times, go to Amazon a few times, and get Google up and crawling the site. Also, feel free to flame away.

Your Feedback
Thanks to those of you who wrote last time. To answer some of your specific questions and comments…

1) No, this is not a “left wing secular progressive publication disguised as a text book”. Nice try. But I *do* call a customer a “dickhead” in an early chapter. Don’t know yet if the copy editor suggest removing the epithet. I worked really hard trying to identify the best word to use in one of the books’ few forays into PG-land, and this generated discussion among some of my reviewers. We all decided that sometimes a customer is a real a$hole, and that minimizing the reality might be more condescending to the engineer being abused than the actual condescending attitude of the customer that got him referred to with that language in the first place. (got it?)

2) Yes, names have been changed to protect the guilty. Now several of you can breathe a sigh of relief! Actually, the few jerks in the book are based on jerks from years’ past, and not recent jerks. My only slight regret is that I named a smart hardware guy after my father, who shares the same name as one of the recent jerks. The regret is not about my dad, but that the recent jerk could actually assume it was about him. Sigh. All of the names in the book were chosen from people and animals in my life - all of those references are good ones.

3) Sorry, <name removed>, the “too-steamy-for-words, smoldering software integration engineer” is not based on you. It’s based on that hot chick in the cube next to you. ;-)

4) No, you can’t tell me to “Take a Hike” AND remain on this mailing list!

5) Yes, of COURSE we can have additional book signings at your suggested locations (NJIT, Buzzy’s, my front lawn - thanks Karen!). At least one of them in the state of New Jersey will involve adult beverages. Wait - let’s make that two locations - moving to the back yard. I’ll keep you posted on dates and times in the Spring.

Bookmark the pages and click often!


Stay Tuned for Next Time - the fight between my publisher [Elsevier / Newnes] and the head buyer at over this book…

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This is an occasional newsletter with information about my upcoming book, “If I Only Changed the Software, Why is the Phone on Fire? Debugging Methods Revealed in Technical Mysteries for Engineers.” If you would like to be removed from this list, reply and tell me to Take a Hike. No Problem.