Phone on Fire Newsletter, Issue 8
Sunday, March 18th, 2007 | Author: lisaksimone


Welcome to Issue #8: It’s Really Happening!

After 6 weeks of silence (from me to you, and from the publisher to me!), we are shipping next week!  The premiere is coming up, and I can finally admit some of the secrets kept from my publisher.  ;-)

Book Premier!
The book will premier April 3 at the the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose, California ( I will be signing books in the Elsevier booth from 12 to 1 pm. If you are in the area (and some of you are…), please stop by and say hi! You don’t even need to be registered for the hugely-expensive show - the Elsevier booth is actually right outside the entrance to the exhibit hall.

I’ll email regarding more local book signings at a later date…although my reception in the Motorola Chicago area is rumored to be a little chilly…so guess who I’ll be naming the scumballs after in Book 2. But hey, we all know Motorola NJ is where all the cool action REALLY is. (Hey - sarcastic humor here - nothing for real, right folks? Some of my favorite cool folks are in the Chicago area.)

Secrets (kept) from the Publisher
Funny thing about the editing process…editors and publishers get pretty particular about every word in the book during the copyedit process, but are amazingly ambivalent about final content submitted as a part of the index.

I diligently spent hours going through the manuscript identifying key words to help readers locate content within the book. Nearly 500 terms. I’ve got expected entries like RAM, ROM, interrupts, debugging, priority inversion, and some less obvious entries like teamwork, three-finger salute, exploding batteries, Scotland, GAME OVER, MARS Expedition Rover, Monty Python, Piers Anthony, and rogue pointer. But there are a couple of real doozies in there … and I’m secretly hoping for an award for the strangest index entry ever found in a technical book ( but at a minimum I’m sure I’ll get a special email from my old editor….).

Speaking of index entries and page numbers, all you software gurus out there take a look in Kernigan & Ritchie’s C Language Bible for the term and page numbers for “recursion” for a chuckle. Kinda like the canonical definition - “to understand recursion, you have to understand recursion.”

Until next time,

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