Book Premiere

Author with Dave, an interested reader at the Embedded Systems Conference

I’m here at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose and the official premiere of Phone on Fire! If you are in the field and have never been to an Embedded conference - you need to go. What a great collection of vendors, classes, and seminars!

The Phone on Fire book signing was a great success - it was the top-selling book in the Elsevier booth. I met several great people who were surprised and intrigued by the idea of using a mystery format to teach debugging skills. I was also surprised to learn that Phone on Fire is Elsevier’s first book of fiction! Lisa and an interested reader, Dave, and the Elsevier Booth.

Al Gore had an relayed an interesting story about thinking outside the box to solve a problem. In the push to eliminate ozone-causing CFCs, the management of a Canadian company boasted - publicly - that they would be the first to eliminate their use in removing dirt from circuit boards during production. Stunned engineers then confronted management, admitting that they had no idea how to accomplish the task. At that time, there were no CFC-free alternatives. But one clever engineer questioned why the circuit boards even got dirty in the first place. “If we can eliminate the dirt, then we don’t need to use CFCs to clean the boards.”

Shouldn’t we approach our own technical challenges with the same creativity?

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