Life breaks when you least expect it.

This blog shares all kinds of real life situations that need a good fixing beating. Typical stuff that goes wrong at all the wrong times. And how to have a little fun fixing them rather than running screaming into the night.

What was the impetus for these meanderings?  I wrote a collection of technical mysteries of products gone bad, and wanted to share them as humorous and interesting stories of how to solve these real life problems.

If I Only Changed the Software, Why is the Phone on Fire?
Embedded Debugging Methods Revealed
Technical Mysteries for Engineers

Through my years as an engineering technologist and product developer, I discovered we technical folks can always learn new ways to solve problems. “Phone on Fire” is a series of neat technical mysteries - like CSI-for-engineers - that reveals these skills in a fun-to-read format.

The book is both fiction and non-fiction, an interesting combination that challenges book stores to ponder which shelf it goes on. My publisher, Elsevier/Newnes, pondered the same concept. As a result, the book’s name grew somewhat unmanageably to allow Amazon and online search engines to find the book for interested folks seeking one or the other.

Authors are never completely in control of the name chosen for a book; unless, perhaps, if said author is Michael Creighton or Stephen King. So, stretch your mouth out to say the whole title, or as most of us do, refer to it fondly as Phone on Fire.

And what other interesting (and unexpected) publicity and marketing influences do authors find? I’d like to explore here as my journey continues in the Foreign Land of Book Marketing for Engineers.