This book also targets a very wide audience. Several types of folks will enjoy these mysteries. All kinds of engineers, students interested in science and technology as a career, technical and support staff who have to debug and understand embedded systems.

And maybe best of all - your FAMILY and FRIENDS! Never know what to buy for your favorite techies? How about a neat technical mystery book!

Engineers or anyone transitioning into the embedded field. Embedded systems is a very large field, even though the term itself is not well known. Technical people who work on embedded systems include electrical engineers, software and firmware engineers, mechanical engineers, research and development staff, test engineers, consultants, and field application engineers. Because automated manufacturing lines also employ embedded systems, the manufacturing engineering staff will enjoy it too.

Students exploring a computer science or engineering career in hardware or software will appreciate the real-life examples that provide an insiders’ view of the work environment.

Colleges and High Schools. This book is an excellent companion book for embedded systems design and programming books, and to introduce problem solving early in the engineering education process.

Technical support and field service staff. These folks are often on the front lines of problem reporting and problem solving. With the explosion of products containing microprocessors, they’ve got to be more savvy. They are asked to initially characterize and solve the problem remotely, or to understand the problem enough to arrive on-site with the correct tools.

Family and friends of embedded developers: Really!

Looking for the perfect gift for the technical folks on your list who work on products, cell phones, devices, software and other confusing engineering stuff?”

You may not understand what you spouse, significant other, friends or children do for a living, but this is a perfect gift that shows you support them even though you might not have a clue what they do every day.