Should you read at your desk at work, or under the covers before bed?

This book can be enjoyed in a number of ways - it was written for folks of all experience levels from students and new engineers to seasoned technologists. Each mystery is a window into technical team dynamics and provides a “Day In The Life” for folks curious about the field. Each mystery stands alone, although the Hudson team is the thread that weaves the stories together.

I invite you to grab a pencil and work through the examples to solve the mysteries before the team at Hudson Technologies does. Write in the margins. Think of other solutions. If you get stuck, work through the symptoms and the evidence side-by-side with Oscar’s team and verify what they conclude. Or, just glide along with the team as they tackle one technical mystery after another. (I’ll state upfront that none of the bugs are caused by minutiae like missing semicolons or misspelled variable names!)

While you get caught up in the mysteries, I hope some of the team’s tricks get lodged in your brain and come floating back out when you find a similar bug or symptom in your own technical travels. When that happens, check out the appendix - everything you’ve learned is nicely summarized with references back to each mystery.

It’s all about your approach to problem solving.

Make your next step a logical one instead of a random one.