Cover Art: The Acid Flashback Big Reveal
Friday, January 16th, 2009 | Author: lisaksimone

Back when I was emailing Newletters to folks in the pre-production days, one of my anguishes was the book’s cover art. Now that I have recovered over the past year or so, I can talk about the whole trial less emotionally (… I lament in that totally weak wilty female whisper of delicateness while fanning flushed face quite rapidly).

** Rolls eyes **

Anyway, in Phone on Fire Newsletter #4, “Author Anguish,” I had relayed that the publisher forwarded three concepts for the cover, and that I had been underwelmed by all three. I also admitted,

One was downright awful. I think I used the phrase “acid flashback” in my feedback to the publisher on that one.

I refused to show anyone that concept. I think after all this time I will reveal the cover art that nearly scarred me with the idea that they were actually considering it.

The Cover Art Process

Over those months, I was flabbergasted at the graphics art process. My editor and I were both not pleased with the revisions, as it seemed they completely ignored any feedback we provided. Then we’d wait weeks and weeks for an update. After two rounds (that’s it!), we were told that the release date would be delayed if we made any further changes.

I relented. But I still don’t like the cover. Gak. And according to the Totally Unscientific Survey of the Final Cover Art I presented to the Newsletter readers, they weren’t too amused by it either.

When I received the nearly final artwork, I wrote more extensively on my original ideas for the cover art, and my acceptance that the cover is ONLY designed to get a potential buyer to pull it off the shelf and read the back cover. So, I had to admit that it did its job. Even if that individual was thinking, “Eeech, what an ugly book - what could this possibly be about?”

There was also some feedback to me that the publisher rued ever letting an author participate in the cover art process. (Why, for providing feedback that was mostly ignored in the first place?)

The Scary Reveal

Here’s the Acid Flashback Cover. So what do you think - is this better than the final production cover? <wink wink>

Kinda makes you want to dim the lights and throw on an old Floyd album, eh?