By accident I surfed backwards in time this morning from 2009 to 1987. Omaba’s Federal CTO appointment crashed into a 25-year Technology Timeline. Who knew you could use “PERL”, “God”, “Powerpoint”, “Boiled” and “Duct Tape” in the same article.

Four mouse clicks and 10 minutes … the first PC. Start of the World Wide Web. Flash Drives. USB.  All from a press release about some dude from Virginia who may translate previous work in technology-related policy and development to bring the Federal government out of the dark ages.  Hmmm.

I just love this definition. So apt. So true. So devoid of extraneous glitz or (shiver) graphical user interface.

PERL: God’s own duct tape, at least when working in Unix-based systems.

Another new product from 1987:

POWERPOINT: The one you love to hate. All the knowledge in the world boiled down to easy, succinct, bullet-pointed meaninglessness.

Wander around for a few “Oh yeah!” in 25 years: A technology timeline.

(And about Aneesh? He seems to have great ideas for use of technology, as well as the experience dealing with government agencies to put them in place. Some pros and cons, but worth a good consider. But this is no political blog - just an occasional starting point for your own readings and considered opinions.)