Cheat Sheets for Jacking Up Google on Steriods
Saturday, July 25th, 2009 | Author: lisaksimone

Did you know Googling “movie: Star Wars” will give ONLY movie reviews and info about each Star Wars film and movie times if appropriate? Or that “phonebook: John Smith NJ” lists public phone numbers for all John Smiths in New Jersey? You don’t need a calculator anymore - find the cube root of 109 or convert three quarters of a cup in teaspoons. Just type either phrase into Google. Neat!

Check out the Google Guide Cheat Sheet, and also the Google Calculator Cheat Sheet.

More advanced options can be found in the Search Operators Guide. Great hints for searching within only one or two websites and for removing the zillions of stores selling the same product from the results.

You can also access info from old or removed pages by searching cached (previously saved) pages. If a search result produces an error or the content isn’t there, click the “Cached” link.

The cache trick can also bypass restrictions on certain sites. One company I worked for slammed me with a huge red “BLOCKED - ATTEMPT TO ACCESS WEBSITE CONTAINING NUDITY” when I searched for a hand x-ray of a hand? Nudity???? (What did you think I meant, anyway?)

Lots of cool stuff. Check it out at