I had a challenge getting my blog up after Wordpress was hacked a month ago.

Today I find that every image I’ve uploaded into every post does not appear.  Just Like This.

** pulls hair **

Only links to external websites work.  Some of my image links are dead, but most links are still correct.  When I connect to the server I see my image files are right where they’re supposed to be.  And if I go to a post and right-click on one of the sad blank boxes where an image used to be, it points to the right directory on the server.  And if I go ahead and click on the blank box, the image IS displayed in a new window.


Now I see you now I don’t.

The images ARE in the right place.  Wordpress/Network Solutions won’t access them to present in posts, but WILL sometimes display them directly if asked nicely.

At first, I thought this was an opportunity for a new Let’s Debug It post, but quite honestly, I’m tired of dealing with Network Solutions’ problems (”Solutions problems”?) that I’ll just call the 800 number and get them to fix whatever they screwed up this time.

If this was a problem with just a single post, I’d work through it.  But this permeates my entire blog.

“So what does this look like?” I hear you cry.  So I just captured a screen shot of the black box in a blog entry where previously a delightful image of some software error had been displayed.  But, alas, Wordpress (Network Solutions) won’t even let me upload it.  I even screen captured the error message to show you, but I can’t -

“Unable to create directory … Is its parent directory writable by the server?”

Yes, I chmod’ed 777 where suggested.  Nada.  So I sprinkled some more 777’s around (carefully-ly) indiscriminately, and was then able I upload a picture without the error (yeah!) but it still won’t display.

No work.

So, I can’t even SHOW you the problem other than to suggest you check out nearly any other post.  Like this one: Yo, Today is December 31, 1969?.  (Until, fingers crossed, this gets fixed.)

Hmmmm.  I wonder if this post will even post?