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Folks seem to think problem solving, embedded systems, and technology are foreign topics better left to engineers, geeks, and rocket scientists. Well, perhaps the particularly esoteric stuff, but when most of life breaks, it’s not to difficult to figure out why.

Read more about how this blog got started, and why debugging can help your social life.

About Technical Mystery Book, “If I Only Changed the Software, Why is the Phone on Fire?”

Description from the back cover of the book, with more information about who will like this book, what you will find inside, if it is a “read at your desk” book or a “read before bedtime” book, and the disasters that launched this book in the first place! Read more here.

Foreword by Jack Ganssle- Jack is a an embedded systems expert and a great guy. After meeting him at an Embedded Systems Conference, he liked the idea and offered to write the Foreword to the book. Thanks Jack! Foreword here.  An appendix of Jack’s totally cool newsletters appears here.

My Disaster and Teaching Debugging by Accident - The telecom crash in 2000 and screaming customers were the impetus for this book. How the heck do we get quality cell phones out the door in record time? Read more here.

What, Products have Bugs? Bugs. Product bugs. We can’t ignore them anymore. Way past time for heads out of the sand, and how we can do it. Read more here.

Let’s Debug It!

Life is full of bugs, technology based and not. My Phone on Fire book teaches some debugging methods that can be applied to both.

I have expanded my stories beyond simply software and embedded systems, to include finding and fixing problems in my real life. I promise each will include Symptoms, Problem Solving, Solutions, Fun, and Sarcasm.

See listing of all Let’s Debug It! posts here.

Education - Fun Ways to Learn

Teaching students about science, technology, embedded systems and problem solving is incredibly important, but these topics are not emphasized enough in K12 and University Curricula. Of course, the basics and theoretical background are often presented, but HANDS ON WORK IS SERIOUSLY LACKING!!!

More and more, science and technology programs are being targeted to kids in elementary, middle, and high schools. The idea is to make sci/tech more appealing, and to raise interest and enrollment in these programs in college.

Read more about Education here.

About Embedded Systems

Everyone owns dozens of them, from most washers and dryers, to the various electronics hanging off your belt and tucked into your pocketbook. The insides aren’t voodoo magic, check it out.

Read more about Embedded Systems here.

Author of this blog full of Info, Humor and Sarcasm

I first started mucking with computers and embedded systems in college, and without any conscious planning on my part, got sucked into the wonderful/insane/addictive lifestyle that revolves around the sometimes inappropriate use of soldering irons, power supplies, compilers and screwdrivers.

I’ve used, designed, built, blown up, written and taught classes on embedded systems.

And now I get to blather on with my own views about a world hamstrung by technology. Ain’t the internet grand?

Read more of my “official” bio here.