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Teaching students about science, technology, embedded systems and problem solving is incredibly important, but these topics are not emphasized enough in K12 and University Curricula. Of course, the basics and theoretical background are often presented, but HANDS ON WORK IS SERIOUSLY LACKING!!!

More and more, science and technology programs are being targeted to kids in elementary, middle, and high schools. The idea is to make sci/tech more appealing, and to raise interest and enrollment in these programs in college.

Lots of Information about Embedded Systems

An overview and exploration of what embedded systems are, examples of embedded systems, defining embedded systems, and creating them. A good overview especially for students and newer engineers.

Read more about Embedded Info.

Learning about Technology and Embedded Systems in College

Learning about Embedded Systems can be pretty neat, if you get to play with hands-on stuff like water, ice, and heat guns. I designed a hands-on university graduate course on Intro to Embedded Systems based on real-life products like smoke alarms, air bags, and medical devices.

The course syllabus and all lectures and labs are located here. If you are interested in using this curriculum, please contact me.

Here is a fun day where we created a thermal control system using ice and heat guns!

Students and Hands-on Science and Technology

One program I participated in is TechXploration TechXDay, an National Science Foundation (NSF) funded program in which girls spend a month at a college (this year, Middlesex County College in NJ) learning to design a working model of a fairground ride as they explore technology and science careers. They invited me to share some of my crazy Adventures of a Girl who was Good in Math and Science. We had a contest to see which team could build a tower as tall as possible that could support nearly 2 pounds for at least 5 minutes. Check out these pictures of the contest!