TechXplore: High School Freshman Girls Invited to Explore Tech Careers

The NJCATE TechXploration program is a great program targeted to young women.

Today, these terrific young women were challenged to create a tower as tall as possible that could support nearly 2 pounds for at least 5 minutes. They were given 20 36″ dowels and a pile of rubber bands. However, the rules stated that they could not cut or break the dowels, and that they had to use ALL of the dowels!

Their entries were judged on height, how long the weight was supported before the tower collapsed (up to 5 minutes) and aestheic appeal. Teams could create more than entry.

The contest was a lot of fun, and we even subjected some of the entries to an “earthquake test” to see if they could remain standing under a shaking table. Many of them could!

Contact information for Summer 2009 Applications:

Josephine Lamela
Middlesex County College