Let’s Debug It!

Life is full of bugs, technology based and not. My Phone on Fire book teaches some debugging methods that can be applied to both.

I have expanded my stories beyond simply software and embedded systems, to include finding and fixing problems in my real life. I promise each will include Symptoms, Problem Solving, Solutions, Fun, and Sarcasm.

Not necessarily in that order. ;-)


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Let’s Debug It - Another Snow Day at 222 degrees

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Let’s Debug It: A Rabid War between Technology and Nature (Jet Skis vs Mangroves)

Let’s Debug It: My Internet Security Software HATES me, TOLERATES me, REVILES me. Evil BitDefender

Let’s Debug It: Alaskan Scuba Stuff and iPods Don’t Exercise

Let’s Debug It: A Cat’s Plea to Microsoft - “Can You Hear Me Now?”

Let’s Debug It: “No Ma’am (Idiot), You’re Calling from Line 2″

Let’s Debug It: Keyboards and Endothermic Mammals

Let’s Debug It: Hacksaws are Your Friend

Let’s Debug It: My Computer Plays “I’m Ignoring You Now”